Monday, June 21, 2010

Promotional Silly Bandz / Rubber Bandz In Custom Printed Containers!

If you are looking for a promotional product that ties in with a hot craze you might be interested in the shaped rubber bands (often referred to as "Silly Bandz" or "Rubber Bandz"). They come twelve per egg shaped container with your logo printed on the egg shaped case. The eggs come in blue, green, red and yellow. (Other colors are available with 1000 piece minimums) and the shaped rubber band sets include dental, farm animals, dinosaurs, fruit, insects, music, sea animals, transportation, Christmas, and Halloween glow.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Promotional Products On Sale

If you are looking for custom printed promotional products that are on sale we've added featured products in three more categories to the site today. In the health and safety promotional products section we have great deals on customized first aid travel kits, flashlights, and pill boxes. In the customized school giveaway items area we added specials on pencils, rulers, drawstring backpacks and pencil pouches. And if you're looking for promotional clocks and watches that can be printed with your logo check out our specials on wall clocks, desk and mantel clocks, and watches. There is also a neat calculator that has a clock and picture frame built right in and a nice customized travel clock and luggage tag gift set.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creating A Corporate / Company Logo? Remember This...

When our clients order custom printed promotional products from us we are always happy to provide basic artwork services at no charge. This can include various graphic elements and text layout including a company name and contact information. Designing artwork to be printed on a promotional product is generally looked at very differently than creating a logo for a company.

Many companies choose to work with a graphic artist or firm that specializes in logo creation. If you do this your graphic artist will (or at least should) provide you with your final logo in a variety of formats and file types. When your logo is created you might only be thinking about what you will need for your website, letterhead, etc. We suggest that you tell your graphic artist that you need to receive a vector based version of all variations of your logo. Vector based files are the standard file format used in the promotional products industry and help to insure that your promotional products have the best possible imprint. The artist should also be sure that all text it converted to outlines (or curves - depending on what program they are using.)

The file will most likely be a .ai, .eps, or .pdf file. (Not all ai, eps, or pdf files will contain vector art but a jpg, tif, or gif will definately not be vector based.) If it is an ai or eps file you may not be able to open it unless you have specific programs.

Getting the proper files when you have your logo created will keep you from needing to have the logo recreated or having to track your artist down and asking them to send you a vector version when you are ready to put print your logo on promotional items.