Sunday, October 6, 2013

Searching For Ventriloquist Dummies For Sale

Once folks have found us they know that is "the place" to buy ventriloquist dummies. We keep a large selection in stock, ship quickly, have a great range of characters, and are always more than happy to answer any questions about the dummies, the differences between the levels that we offer, which might be right in a particular situation, or just about anything else that our customers want to know. And our professional figure makers are some of the best in the business. Of course before someone can order one of our ventriloquist dummies they need to find us.

We have always tried to make it easy for someone to find the kind of ventriloquist dummy that they want to buy. From very early on the "Throw Your Voice" department had subcategories that contained things like the Basic Ventriloquist Dolls, Standard Upgrade Ventriloquist Dummies, Deluxe Upgrade Ventriloquist Dummies, and Super Deluxe Upgrade Ventriloquist Dummies. A few years ago we also added a short video that shows the differences between the levels of ventriloquist dummies that we have for sale.

Our thought has been that someone might first be looking for a ventriloquist dummy / ventriloquist doll in a certain price range or with certain features (such as being able to put your hand in the back and turn the head or the dummy having moving eyes or moving eyes and moving eyebrows) and then after that would want to consider which character to get.

We are wondering though how many people might be looking for a specific character FIRST for their ventriloquist dummy with the consideration of which level to get coming after that. With this in mind, we just added a page with all of the different versions of the Slappy From Goosebumps Ventriloquist Dummy Dolls that we offer and another with the four different levels of the Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Dummy Dolls. This way someone can choose the character first and then decide which level they want to go. Maybe we should change our main page of ventriloquist dummies, puppets and marionettes for sale to focus on the characters first and the levels after that.

How do you search for your ventriloquist dummies? Do you know which character you want first or do you just know that you want to find a ventriloquist dummy to buy, then decide on what features and how much you might want to spend, and then select the character?

Another challenge that we have is that there are so many different names for these guys and girls! Some people are searching for "ventriloquist dummies," some people are looking for "ventriloquist dolls," some people are looking for "ventriloquist puppets," and some people are looking for "ventriloquist figures." However they search, we hope they find us! Whatever someone calls the dummies, we don't think they'll find a wider selection, faster shipping of in stock items, better quality for the price or better personal service. 

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